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Absaroka Bay RV Park
Information & Policies

Darn it we gotta have rules... 

To ensure that your arrival and stay goes smoothly please read through this information prior to arrival and contact us with any questions or needs ahead of time.  These are all in place to help ensure everyone gets a great experience here in the park. We are looking forward to having you as our guest! 

Check your email the day of arrival for accurate site information.  Your site location may have changed since booking.  Terms & Conditions must be signed to check-in. 

*Check-in time: 2 p.m.          

* Check-out time: 11 a.m.       

* Early check-in must be approved with the office - early check in fees may apply.  

Quiet Hours:  10 p.m. to 7 a.m                              10 MPH Speed Limit

Shower house and laundry open May 15-Sept. 29


Payment is due in full at time of booking. 

Cancellation Policy:  Two week cancellation *minus cancellation fee

You must cancel 15 days prior to date of arrival to be eligible for a refund less cancellation fee.

45 Day Cancellation policy for holiday (June 28 - July 7) or group stays

You must cancel 46 days prior to the day of arrival to be eligible for a refund less cancellation fee. 

$30 cancellation plus tax non-refundable fee will be deducted from your refund if you cancel prior to the cancellation deadline. If you cancel after the deadline you have forfeiture of all funds paid for the entire stay. Change fees will apply when credit card fees are incurred for any changes. 

What is a Lock Site Fee?:  It allows you to pick the RV site on the map at the time of booking.  If the lock site fee is not paid our automated optimization system or staff may change your site location to any site within the park, even if you are with a group.  * Locked Sites are not guaranteed in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 

Traveling with pets:

Pets cannot be left unattended to cause disturbances to your neighbors.  If your pet is left in the RV and is quiet that is ok.  However, if the pet is causing noise disturbance you will be contacted to come back and handle the situation. 

Pets must be with you on a 6 foot or less leash (e-leash is ok) when walking about the park.  * Of course clean up after your pet - It's the right thing to do!

Please read the animal waiver in your pre-arrival check in information. 

* Towing - trailers & cars that will not fit at your site must be declared prior to arrival and arrangements made for parking.  There are various campsite lengths 25-60 feet.  Please be sure to book the length you need and lock site it in if you definitely need that space.

* Parking Cars/trucks - Unhook and park parallel at the back of the RV sites row A,B,C and park parallel in the front of the RV sites row D,F,G . Row E parallel parking on front or back is ok. Row H (the back in row) does not have room for parking tow or additional vehicles.

* All vehicles/RVs/ motorcycles/ATVs must be on the gravel.  Please be sure to put your RV to the end of the site without the parallel gravel lane. That way you can park your vehicle in the gravel lane in front of or behind your RV depending on the site. Empty sites may be reserved so they cannot be used for additional parking unless the site is rented by you for extra parking and that is allowed. Your vehicle must be within your site and not over in the sites next to you.  If you need additional parking by the office please contact the office for a parking spot.

* Yes you can grill outside - just please no cooking or grilling on the picnic tables.  Grilling/cooking needs to be done in the gravel area or on your own table/stand at your site only. Why not on the picnic tables? Because it leaves grease, burn marks, damages, etc. and then the next guest doesn't get to enjoy the table.  Please be considerate of those that will be staying after you. 

* Save the grass - No rugs, mats or items on the grass that will leave a spot where water and sun can not get to.  We want to try and keep the grass healthy and nice for each guest's stay.  We aren't trying to spoil your fun - we are trying to help the grass grow.  Leaving large items on the grass will turn it yellow and can kill it. Then the next guest doesn't have as pretty of a spot to be in. 

* No stakes/flags allowed.  Please do not put any stake into the ground for any reason in the gravel or grass.  Sprinkler lines run through and can be damaged by stakes going in the ground.  We love to see flags off the back of the RV's and would like to allow you to stake in a flag or awning to the ground but we have to protect the sprinkler lines - so thank you for helping with that!  

* No RV or vehicle washing using the water at the site. $150 FINE will be charged to your credit card on file for water use for RV/Auto washing of any kind. Continued violation will result in eviction with no refund. 

There is a service that will come to you for RV wash if you need it and there are several car washes in town for your vehicle. Professional Power Washing book your appointment online at this link




* No wood burning fire pits/tables - wood burning is not allowed at the sites.

These are the rules we have agreed to with the city (we are in the city limits) and our insurance. 

Propane is ok to use - please be careful with the size of flame and always have someone monitoring it when in use.

Fires may not be used during quiet hours (10 p.m. - 7 a.m.) and all outdoor gatherings must desist during quiet hours. 


* Close your awnings when you leave so you do not come back to the wind damaging it while you were gone.  Cody can get some damaging wind gusts without warning!  They come out of the blue clear sky sometimes so just be careful!

* No Tents allowed on the property. At the sites or the picnic areas.  We want to keep the grass alive and cannot have stakes in the ground anywhere due to water lines.  In the truck tents or RV top tents are ok.

* The brass fittings on the water faucets at your site are anti-siphon devices required by law - these are NOT pressure regulators.  If this is missing after your checkout you will be charged $15 for a new anti-siphon device to be installed. Please be sure to use your water pressure regulator when you attach your water hose. 

* Sewer hoses must have a tight-fitting elbow with a secure connection to the ground.  Loose sewer hoses are not to be stuck down the sewer pipe.  Damages/clean up will be your financial responsibility. 


* Please do not do any work on your RV or vehicle that will cause oil/grease spills or be a nuisance to other guests around you. 

*Propane tanks are sold at Ace Hardware and Bomgaars (located by McDonald's across the highway).  If you need to fill your propane the KT's Sinclair gas station at 1502 Sheridan Ave. has that available.  They are located between Wendy's and Granny's restaurant.  

SPRINKLERS RUN NIGHTLY - Please gather up your belongings that you do not want to get wet. Occasionally we will have to repair and check the sprinklers during the day.  We will try to notify you if you are at your site at the time we are running them during the day. If you are leaving for the day it's best to put anything inside you do not want to get wet.

* Please keep your site tidy and when you check out make sure all trash is disposed in the dumpsters and your site is clean.  Leftover trash at your site may result in a cleaning fee. 

* No use of generators for the comfort of all those around you.  There are full hook ups at each site.

Visitors vehicles must be parked where the office designates upon registering them. 

ANY DAMAGES DONE TO THE RV PARK or OTHER CAMPERS PROPERTY that was the direct result of your actions (or anyone within your party including visitors) will be 100% your financial responsibility to fix at the discretion of the owner of said property. 


Security cameras are recording and under surveillance as needed. 

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